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Body Basics with Becky

Are you ready for a whole new type of party?

We have what you're looking for.

Let Becky entertain and educate with a party that is fun, fast-paced and sure to get your guests moving.

Here is what you can expect-

-Approximately 2 hours of party time for 6 girls

 (each additional girl is $25).

*We will arrive 30 minutes before your party start time to set-up and meet with the party hosts.

*We will also spend 30 minutes after your party to clean-up and ensure you were thrilled with your party. 
-We bring most of the party fun!

*Music    * Party Decor   *Mats  *Shimmy Skirts   *Water   *Fitness Log for each guest to keep
-Can be held indoors, in a yard or at a local park.
-The first 30 minutes-

 * Introductions  * Each girl will receive a name tag and get to know the other guests so they can interact. We want to put all your guests at ease.
-The next 30 minutes-

*We will warm-up and flow into some up-pace and fun exercises suitable for all levels of fitness.
-The next 30 minutes-

*We will flow into a yoga-ish style segment to include dynamic stretching with fun shimmy skirts.


*Cool Down

*Keep Moving logs will be given to each guest.

The goal of our party-

Have fun and celebrate!
Help teens/tweens get physically fit while having FUN!
Change the way they view themselves through fitness.
Structured & Age appropriate
Gain strength, balance, coordination, confidence, self-esteem

We will not weigh or bring any scales nor will we take any measurements!
No mirrors- focus is on fun through movement!

Price for 6 girls $350
Want to add even more fun?
In depth Nutrition review

(food pyramid and label reading)
Grocery Store Visit
Menu Planning
Cheer-ercize (we bring pom-poms) 
Personalized favors
Long-term fitness reviews & menu planning
Private Party like a Mom & Me Or Girl Scouts

Call for pricing of above items.



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