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All Prices below are based on 5 girls NOT each girl- there is $3.50 per girl charge for parties over 5 girls

Milk & Cookies Pedi:

Our yummy pedicure starts by soaking tootsies in a tub of our creamy milk silk soak. Milk doesn't just benefit you when you drink it - it is also loaded with lactic acid, which helps exfoliate rough, dry skin cells. Next you will be pampered with our chocolate chip cookie sugar scrub, this sugar scrub is blended with chocolate SOAP morsels...yes it actually looks like a real chocolate bar....but they're soap! Last you will be smothered in our cookies and milk scented whipped body souffle! This makes for a super sweet treat for your tummy and your feet!


Rasberry Sorbet Pedi-

Your diva will soak her feet in Rasberry yumminess while enjoying Rasberry cookies with her diva girlfriends.



Cozy Coconut With Fun-Fetti -

How fun is it to soak in a bubbly bliss of coconut water that's sprinkled with coconut fun-fetti soap!  Top that off with the sweet scent of lime & colada lotion....mmmmmm!         $20


Tropical Fizzie Bombs- 

Think tropical islands and days filled with fun in the sun.  That's what she'll be longing for as she is soaking in her pedi bowl that's over flowing with tropical bubbles made by the fizzie bomb she dropped in her pedi bowl herself!  Listen as it fizzles and smell the aroma of the islands!   $20

Silly Strawberry With Berry Bursts- 

She will think it's pretty silly when she gets to drop strawberry hearts in her pedi bowl.  Smell the sweet strawberry scent as the hearts disolve into her water and watch the smiles as she is lathered in strawberry lotion.   $20


Chocolate Bliss- 

Imagine a chocolate scented bowl that you get to stick your piggies in!  Now imagine chocolate sauce lathered onto your legs and feet...how about topping that off with a chocolate bar being shaved directly in your bowl right in front of you!  Well she doesn't have to imagine when you add the Chocolate Bliss Pedi to her party!  Add the yummy fun and forget the stickyness...it's all soap based of course :-)     $20

Also visit our Current Special Page for Seasonal & "For a Limited Time" Specials

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