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Please note that all a' la carte items are based on a party of five girls.

There is an additional charge for more guests.

Please contact us for individual pricing.

* 1 hour photo shoot for five girls:

$100 - Hostess will receive ALL digital proofs via CD with the complete rights of the photos (about 35) within 7-10 days with the option to process up to 3 individual shots including Digital Editing. $8 each additional girl. This turns your party into a THREE hour celebration!

We utilize www.TabithaLynnPhotography.com to capture your party in a documentary style photo session.  If you prefer to have only pictures of the birthday girl at your home with professional backdrops or taken outside at an on-site location, we can arrange that as well.  Please contact us for more information on discount pricing. 


Monogrammed robes:

$35 for each robe- this is a great present for the birthday / party girl! (please allow 3 extra weeks). We will call you to find out exact customization and color thread.


* Mock Cocktails including plastic flutes $25. $3 for each girl extra beyond 5 girls.


* Customized Invitations (5) $15 plus postage if we mail them to all of your guests. Each additional invitation is $3.00. Click HERE for sample.  Invitations are on heavy card stock and professionally printed.

* Simple Hairstyle A few curls or fancy pony tail and glitter. $75 for all 5 girls. $15 for each girl beyond 5.

* Hair ShimmerZ™: Six (6) ShimmerZ™ per girl for $15 or $3 for each ShimmerZ™ added.  Note- these will last only a few days



* Hair Feather: $10.00 each feather or $18 for two feathers ($25 FOR THREE) or one feather and one fun color hair extension. Note- these can last for months


* Hair Ribbon: $13.00 each...there are five ribbons on each strand. Various colors.

hair ribbon

Nail crackle : $10.00 for all 5 girls...each guest can choose to receive the crackle on either their fingers or toes. $18 and the entire party receives it on BOTH fingers and toes (this adds extra time to the party, approximately 20 minutes). $3 each additional girl beond 5 girls.

*Nail decorations: $15.00 for all 5 girls to receive 2 designs. $3 each additional girl.  These are NOT hand painted but nail art.

*Nail Bling:  $15.00 for all 5 girls to receive 6 stones placed where ever she may like (toes or fingers) $3 each additional girl.

* Cute & Sassy Tattoo Fun: $15.00 (a party of five-20 tattoos- each additional girl is $2.00)...We will bring a bucket with over 200 tattoos for the girls to choose from.  There are hearts, butterflies, stars, animals and so much more!  We will aplly 2 tattoos and let them take two more home with them.  Want to double the fun?  40 tattoos for $25.00  --Samples Below--




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