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Once Upon A Time....

Every child, parent, & grandparent knows that this is how the story begins...

...And this story is no different! As a mother I have spent countless hours reading fairytales and decided it was time to make my fairytale come true...and so I present to you My Pretty Princess Mobile Spa.

I am a full-time working mother who decided to branch out and go into business for herself. With the support of many loyal and repeat customers my dream is coming true.

With that said, I would like to thank my faithful supporters and welcome new supporters into our ROYAL family!

My Vision...

After consulting with my Fairy Godmother, it was decided that it was time to give other families a chance to host a royal Ball! Every princess needs time to prepare for that Ball and we will be her Fairy GodMothers!

I spend countless hours with my customers making sure the Royal Princess is picture perfect and relaxed.

While putting together the perfect outfit is key, one must never forget that it is who you are on the inside that truly counts.

A princess traveling in the most ordinary clothing would be recognized as royality by their self-confidence, poise and generosity to others! We work hard to make each princess connect with their inner beauty.

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